About us


Your reliable partner for PPE and workwear since 1986. With this attitude NITRAS has developed to a prestigious manufacturer‘s brand. From the beginning we have built up and stabilised our worldwide business relations on fundamental pillars as reliability, flexibility as well as confidence. Our daily work is determined by a wide product range, short delivery times, high quality assurance and a cost-benefit ratio in line with the market. As an expert of personal protective equipment and workwear, we are moreover ensuring that our NITRAS article as well as all manufactured private labels are state-of-the art and fully marketable. The NITRAS family has interiorize these values and is keeping this important tradition up. Our personal as well as customer- and solution-orientated way of working is pooling the above-mentioned aspects and is thus creating a unique combination which presents the basis for continuous growth. Side by side with our business partners.


Thereon we are daily working with high reliability, flexibility and expertise. We endeavour to offer a full-range of personal protective equipment and workwear which is available for all humans at any time and which can be delivered at short notice to a desired destination. Trends, designs, innovations and the state-of-art are influencing the product development as well as a cost-benefit ratio in conformity with the market. Cause with the purchase of a NITRAS product we want to make a promise to the buyer. A promise in terms of characteristics and quality which make our brand value come alive and which is thus developing a vast and keen brand consciousness. Moreover we are intent on offering continuous optimized customer-specific and individual solutions which meet our high requirements. In our NITRAS family we are committing ourselves to achieve a continuous, collaborative and healthy growth. In this context, we focus on the consideration and implementation of economic, ecologial and social aspects along the value-added chain.


We demand highest standards of ourselves. On the one hand, this is characterised by continuous optimisation of our products and services. In addition, we pay attention to highest quality standards and needs-based solutions and thereby offer our customers and partners an ever-growing range of products. Thanks to large storage areas at our headquarter in Bedburg, we can guarantee the shortest delivery times from stock. We value reliability and expertise and implement these qualities on a daily basis.


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We are specialised in the supply of wholesalers and we supply our partners in over 30 countries. We are owner-managed until today and we attach greatest importance to the quality of our products. Our manufacturer‘s brand NITRAS has been registered mid-1990s and has evolved to a renowned and reliable trademark in the sector. The brand logo represents a quality mark which reflects our high standards. Until the end of the 90‘s / beginning of the 2000‘s we have specialised in an extensive and strong range of hand and arm protection. This was followed by a continuous expansion of our product range and now we also have a wide range of workwear, protective clothing, foot protection, respiratory protection, eye protection and kids clothing. Thereby we can offer you the right equipment for professional and private challenges.


NITRAS pursues a growth course aligned with local market conditions. Long-term and stable customer and supplier relationships, respectful behaviour towards stakeholders and the continuous increase of the company's value are important cornerstones of the corporate strategy, which is aligned with the principles of sustainable business. NITRAS' goal is to offer high product quality, optimal services as well as innovative ideas and know-how around personal protective equipment and workwear. 

In doing so, we always take appropriate measures for environmental protection as well as resource conservation and commit ourselves to comply with corresponding legal and voluntary obligations/agreements.


A constant, professional and target-oriented way of working is very important to us. In our opinion, this is a decisive factor in successfully mastering past and future challenges. Therefore we have our quality management systems regularly checked and certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (MCD Medical Care Dental GmbH).


In 2015, we decided to meet the growing demand for disposable products in order to cover and serve this important area as well. For this important step, we founded our affiliated company MCD Medical Care Dental GmbH with the manufacturer brand NITRAS MEDICAL. Within this brand we supply the medical, laboratory, care, cosmetics, dental and food industries with disposable products (e.g. disposable gloves, cosmetic wipes, disinfectants, hoods, face masks). Further information can be found at www.nitras-medical.com.