Quality assurance

Quality is our top priority. This applies not only to features such as materials, fit and protective function, but also to the freedom of the products from harmful substances and allergens. The latter plays a very important role in consumer and environmental protection. Thanks to the close contact we maintain with our partners around the world, we are constantly informed about new developments and practical experience and incorporate these findings into our everyday professional life. Furthermore, we are always state of the art and comply with all requirements of German and European product safety legislation.


Our quality assurance begins with the raw materials of which our products are made of. This includes the inspection of raw materials and testing for risk parameters. As part of our supplier management, our suppliers are trained and informed on an ongoing basis (e.g. by means of questionnaires and training materials) so that we can ensure that all parties involved are informed about current events in the EU and to achieve consistent and high manufacturing quality. We check compliance with our requirements by means of on-site audits.

Finished goods are checked before shipment. This includes, among other things, inspections by our own and trained staff and spot checks carried out by independent third parties. As soon as the finished goods arrive at our warehouse in Germany, they are again subjected to a precise incoming goods inspection (e.g. visual inspections, checks for risk parameters and protective functions). For this purpose we have our own testing equipment available on site.

In summary, we guarantee the following points and thus ensure sustainable and comprehensive quality assurance:

 Pollutant management

 Supply chain management / development

 Audits (announced and unannounced)

 Incoming goods inspection (raw materials)

 Outgoing goods inspection (produced goods)

 Proofs and certificates by third parties (e.g. materials, BSCI, REACH, ILO)

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.