Sustainability is becoming more and more important in private and business life. Among many actions that have been carried out by us due to requirements in the EU and in Germany, we are focusing on this important topic in our value-added chain in addition. It is our aim to combine value creation with sustainable action in order to develop a successful and future-oriented corporate policy. In this context we focus on the following aspects:

 Social aspects (e.g. employee’s and human rights (ILO))
 Economic aspects (e.g. quality management)
 Ecological aspects (e.g. protection of the environment (REACH))


Social, economic and ecological responsibility are a real inducement for us to improve our own activities sustainably. Therefore we have founded a task force with employees of different departments. In this way our task force offers a wide diversity to discuss the above-mentioned aspects. It is our aim that the developement and implementation of meaningful and effective actions.

Please find a short summary of current and ongoing actions below:

 Implementation of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH)
 Elimination of plastic bags (packaging by pair) for protective gloves (exception: chemical protective gloves)
 Elimination of plastic straps for outer cartons (all articles)
 Use of engery-saving lighting appliances
 Improved conditions in terms of environment and employees in Asia (i.a. compliance with environmental and social standards)
 Use of organic foils made of sugar cane (stretch and wrapping foil)
 Use of carrying bags made of 100% recycled PET
 Implementation of an annual fund-raising campaign to 10 non-profit organisations


For more than 30 years we have been developing and selling personal protective equipment and workwear. Especially in the last years we have grown strongly and it has become more and more important to take responsibility for our environment and our society. Each member of our value-added chain can contribute a part to it and thus we will handle this task on a long-term basis. It is our aim to work as sustainably as possible and to avoid unnecessary packaging material and environmentally harmful substances. Regarding this, we will keep you informed about our next steps.

If you have any general question about sustainability at NITRAS, or if any of the above-mentioned actions affect your business, please contact us in order to find a solution (e.g. if it is not yet possible to eliminate polybags per pair at the moment).

Current figures of the European Parliament make a worrying development obvious: In 1950, 1.5 million metric tons of plastic were produced worldwide. In 2015 plastic production amounted to 322 million metric tons. This means exponential growth - in just a few years. However, it is a fact that the produced plastic is not disposed of or even recycled professionally. This can easily be seen from the sharp increase of plastic waste, e.g. in the oceans. In addition, there is the problem that plastics do not degrade completely. Plastics only become continuously smaller and this causes more and more microplastic particles in our environment.


We work against this development by eliminating plastic bags (packaging per pair) for our protective gloves. In this way, we actively ensure that the production of plastic and the resulting plastic waste will be reduced. We have already implemented this action. Starting with the next arrivals of goods (around the turn of the year 2019/2020), our protective gloves will no longer be packed per pair. Even if a single plastic bag does not seem to make a difference: it is the mass that makes the difference.