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6655 // STEEL

Hand / arm protection | Puncture protection gloves

6655 // STEEL
6655 // STEEL

EN 388
DIN SPEC 91365
Special yarn, brown
PU, black
Packaging unit:
50 pairs
EN 388, DIN SPEC 91365

Stab protection gloves

Our 6655 // STEEL protects you from punctures and cuts, keeping you safe when handling sharp-edged and pointed objects.

Special stab protection gloves with additional palm reinforcement are suitable for protecting your hands when working with sharp and pointed objects. These models are particularly robust and offer a high level of protection against dangerous cuts and punctures caused by sharp and pointed tools and utensils such as knives, syringes or needles. This is particularly important as these types of injuries can result in serious infections due to the penetration of pathogens, among other things. In many areas, such as waste disposal and recycling, law enforcement, searches, customs and personal checks as well as gardening, handling sharp objects is commonplace and suitable hand protection is essential. With our 6655 // STEEL you are fully protected in various areas of application and can go about your work with excellent protection against punctures and cuts.

All the advantages of our stab protection gloves at a glance:

- High stab and cut protection
- Palm reinforcement
- Premium quality
- Highest dexterity

The stab protection glove 6655 // STEEL from NITRAS:

With the 6655 // STEEL, NITRAS is expanding its diverse glove range to include high-quality puncture protection gloves. The puncture protection gloves with PU coating are certified according to the puncture test with needles, DIN SPEC 91365. This is a test method for determining the resistance forces when medical needles pierce materials or products. The high-quality palm reinforcement including the fingers and a combination of three special layers work together to effectively protect against puncture and cut injuries and are very reliable when used with sharp-edged and pointed objects. For full protection against mechanical risks, our stab protection gloves comply with EN 388. As we attach great importance to maximum wearing comfort in addition to safety, the specially selected materials ensure a comfortable fit, dexterity and a good sense of touch. If you need further assistance in selecting your protective clothing, please do not hesitate to contact our competent staff.

Our stab protection glove 6655 // STEEL at a glance:

Material: Special yarn

Coating: PU

Colours: Brown

Sizes: 9-11

Certification: EN 388, DIN SPEC 91365

Industries: Bau, Building, construction, sanitary sector, gardening / landscaping, vehicle construction, order picking, shipping

Further variants: Winter lining inside/including cuff, canvas cuff, double-stitched seams, leather selection A, with elastic at the back of the hand, wing thumb, large style, protection against contact heat (100° C, 15 seconds), premium quality, seamless knitted terry cloth inside, seamless, knitted wrist, high cut resistance, waterproof and breathable DryGrip Membrane, crinkled finish

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